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The Original Candy Lady

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Bettye Walker
The Candy Lady

"The Best Thing about Being in the Candy Business is the People"

Bettye Walker is just as sweet as the goodies she's been making in Portage for the past 43 years. Her bright red sign, THE CANDY LADY, is instantly recognizable. Throughout her career as an entrepreneur, candy and cake maker, and genuinely nice person, she has left a lasting impression on the community she worked and lives in. 

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Thank you, Miss Bettye

Every batch of candy that we have ever made, started out as chocolate right from the shelves of the Candy Lady.  

Bettye, thank you for your help, advice, guidance and patience over the last 15 years. We will do our best to follow your example as a woman who was passionate about her craft and sweet to the world.

-Shawna & Cara

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